May 22, 2022

MONTECRYPTOS CASINO is a popular online casino that has been ranked among the most popular casinos for many years.
For those who love gambling and prefer to play in a comfortable environment, this is the best place to find.


Online casinos have the following types of slot machines:

  • Roulette. This is a classic version, the game on ten lines. It is usually recommended for newcomers, as this casino offers to learn more about the approaches, payouts and activation of online games.
  • Blackjack. A classic slot machine that does not use lines and reels. It can win over either an experienced player or a beginner. There is also an online casino where you can deposit real money.
  • Poker. This is a traditional card game that can be played by two or four players.
  • Video poker. A cash game in which the player performs various actions with the cards to find out which one is the winning one.
  • Video Slots. A game based on the “one-armed bandit” principle, only with a jackpot option.
  • Types of slot machines can vary depending on the size of the image and the size of the monitor screen. You should not think that other casinos have the same set of slot machines as the Casino. If you’re a gambler, you’ll be pleased to note that it’s much easier to play now. It gives you the opportunity to play to the best of your ability and succeed at such a game.

Bonuses and special offers

The casino bonus program is available to every player. To take advantage of this program, all you need to do is to register at the casino and deposit an amount of $20 or more. The minimum deposit amount is $10. You can use the bonus funds for your games.
Adjustable stakes, the ability to change bet levels, and a high percentage of returns – that’s what online casino games are all about. Try your luck at any time of the day or night!

Welcome to the resource, which gathered the most relevant, profitable and interesting games. Among the gamers here you can meet a beginner and a professional player, and even the winner of tournaments. There is everything from poker to slot machines, card games, slots, roulette, poker and more. All the gambling entertainment can take place in different ways. There are several scenarios: you can play for money, and you can bet for real money. Which slot machine to choose is up to you.

At our resource you will also find information about online casino games. On the pages of our resource, you can find information about the holding of various tournaments, draws, bonus programs, the winnings that can be obtained by winning a certain prize. Loyal attitude towards players, high availability of gambling entertainment and a good search system allow any newcomer to the gaming industry to quickly and easily find something for themselves.

The casino has the following types of bonuses:

  • Welcome Bonus. This is a bonus deposit that can be used as a first deposit in the casino. In this case, the slot machine gives you a free game, and you will make a profit at the end of the game. The minimum amount of this bonus is 100 rubles. When you make a second deposit, it is doubled. You can get 20, 50 or 100% of your first deposit.
  • Bonus on the first deposit. This bonus is introduced to make it easier for a player to get used to the casino, and he could feel the atmosphere and mood of the institution from the first minutes of the game. Enter the details of your first deposit is entered into the website of the casino, after which you will receive a 100% bonus on your first deposit.
  • Deposit bonuses. You choose which bonus you want – 5, 10 or 20% (the table below shows bonuses on first and two subsequent deposits). You can choose the amount of bonuses and then change it after you receive them. If you play for real money, each bonus dollar brings you a certain profit. The higher the amount of bonuses, the greater will be the winnings.

Additional bonuses

This type of bonus can be divided into several categories. For example, a bonus to double the bet or a bonus that automatically increases the bet for the entire deposit. There are 4 types of bonus promo codes in the casino. Read more about them and choose the one that’s right for you.
At the casino does not need to withdraw every day earned money. You just need to do it within certain time limits, and then your account will be credited every day.

In this respect, the casino compares favorably with other gaming institutions. They have a bonus for every deposit. Moreover, if you replenish your account, and at this time made the first deposit, the bonus for it is credited automatically. It will be available to you exactly as many days have passed since your first deposit.

Tip! If you do not like to take risks and are afraid of losing money, then it is better to simply deposit money into your gaming account, because the payment amount can not be more than the minimum amount for receiving bonuses (100 rubles).

Withdrawal of money

At MONTECRYPTOS CASINO online casino you can withdraw money in the following ways:

  • Visa or Mastercard. This is the most popular and convenient ways of withdrawal.
  • By electronic purse system Webmoney. This is the most popular and reliable option. Entry and withdrawal are instant, and there is no need to find an ATM and send passport scans.
  • To a cell phone account. This method is the safest, but also fastest withdrawal.
  • To e-mail. Most often this option is used when a large amount is needed.
  • To a bank account. Some casinos take commissions and other fees for the transfer of money. This method is the most reliable way to deposit. But it takes time – from 1 to 3 days.

Bonuses and promotions. It is worth noting right away that the bonus money is not withdrawn immediately, but as the game balance is replenished. Before each payout there are special promotions that may be available only to regular customers. The most important thing is not to withdraw bonuses at once. It is better to wait some time and then replenish your account, after which you can easily withdraw the money. Bonuses can be spent to play or just to get a bonus on game currency or coupons.

Casino is an official partner of the WebMoney payment system. You can withdraw funds via the following systems:

  • WebMoney.
  • WebmoneyPay.
  • Paysafecard.
  • Robokassa.

Money is received at the moment you send money to Webmoney or transfer it to Robokasse. Unfortunately, it is not possible to withdraw money to electronic wallets, cards or cell phone accounts. This requires a bank check.

It is worth noting that when withdrawing money from the gaming account, it is necessary to take into account the amount of bonus. For example, for topping up your game balance for 100 WM R should pay extra 2 WMZ. In addition, you will need to top up your balance for a certain amount of money to withdraw this money.


Thus, MONTECRYPTOS CASINO is one of the best casinos in the CIS. The support service is also always ready to answer all customer questions.

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