May 22, 2022

WAZAMBA CASINO is a unique opportunity to meet the best players in the world, to plunge into the world of gambling and unbreakable will to win. That is the reason why WAzamba Cash & Carry has become one of the most successful and dynamic Internet projects on the territory of Eastern Europe. Last year we succeeded to win over all the Russian gambling fans and to enter the top five online casinos in our country.

Slot machines

Casino WAZAMBA CASINO presents the following types of slot machines:

  • Roulette. This is a classic version of a slot machine where you can win not just money, but real gold coins. By betting on a number, you increase your own, which will come to your hand.
  • Blackjack. This is probably the most popular slot machine in the world and follows its name. You can play it in a regular casino as well as on the World Wide Web. And, no less nice, in our online club you can get a free bonus of up to 100 rubles to your account without registration!
  • Video Poker. A great way to spend your time with pleasure. You, in fact, become not only a player but also the croupier at the gaming table. He chooses the number and type of chips, and you press the keyboard slot machine. You become a real polymath in matters of gambling, and already play big, taking from the bank a few hundred dollars.
  • Poker. This is a type of roulette, which you can play at our online casino! This is a game with the ability to get big cash winnings. Here you can get extra money by betting on opposite tables in a virtual casino, as well as, thanks to the expert opinion of the croupier!

Bonuses and special offers

At WAZAMBA CASINO online casino you can get additional bonuses and as it should be at the casino to get pleasant surprises, unique gifts and well-deserved prizes. All these bonuses and special promotions are available to our casino players who deposited at least 1000 USD. If your game balance is still “drowned” in the accumulated one hundred dollars, you have certain bonuses, which you can read on this page.

Let’s get acquainted with the rules of the game and their differences from other games presented in the casino. A player can place up to five bets, which can be added up. One bet is equal to one U.S. dollar. If the player during the game made a bet on any of the cards, he picks up all bets made on these cards.

Perhaps you’ve played the slot machines Wizard, and noticed that the game can only bet on one card, while in other games, you can bet on a few cards. Here you can bet not on one card, but on all cards at once – “pair”. That is, if in the normal game, you could bet on just one card, depending on the handed cards, then here you can put all four cards at once. Thus, thanks to the new rules, the player can make the most accurate and precise predictions in this exciting and gambling game. For example, in the CASHFLOW machine can increase your winnings by 30%.

There are also many games in which you can receive additional bonuses. For example – Wild Card, which can bring your winnings to $ 600 or more for a single bet:

  • The rules of WACH CARD are simple and if you understand them, you can easily get rich. You can only use 3 cards in the game, which you can keep in your sleeve or in the bank.
  • An automaton that features 3 joker symbols that can become magical. In this machine player can win an incredibly large jackpot – more than 11 million dollars. Also, if you roll 3-4 symbols with the image of a cripple, this symbol gives the player the opportunity to increase the winnings by 2 thousand dollars!
  • 3-5 symbols with the inscription 7-UP, which not only bring the player points, but also are the most profitable when playing for money.

Extra benefits

So, at Wazamba Casino you can bet from $10 to $500 on any game and get $5,000 in extra winnings.

And of course you’ll find your favorite slot machines: Sizzling Hot Deluxe, Crazy Monkey, and more. And if you ever come here again, on your return you can collect the jackpot and become a participant of the grand tournament according to Wazpace Casino!

Right now, the casino has a new slot machine called Pirate Treasures. These treasures were once stolen from pirates, and now they are in your hands. Go to the treasure island, find and collect the gems, earn as much money as possible by selling them, build a caravel and go on a long voyage across the seas and oceans.
This is the most exciting adventure imaginable, and it seems that players simply don’t stand a chance. But everyone can become the owner of the coveted treasure if they play hard at the online casino.

Withdrawal of money

Withdrawal of money in Wazamba Casino is carried out in several ways:

  • Withdrawal to an e-wallet.
  • Withdrawal to a bank card.
  • Withdrawals via instant transfers and instant transfers.
  • You can transfer funds to your referrals through Moneybookers. Funds can be withdrawn to popular electronic wallets. An important advantage is the possibility of a systematic bonus for newcomers. He makes $1000 to the earned sum for one month of play.
  • Also two bonus programs are available: “Bring a friend” and “Bonus 100% +”. For those who like to play on a regular basis, there is a deposit bonus.

It is issued on presentation of a login required to participate in the bonus program:

  • The initial bonus is 50% of the base bet.
  • The minimum bet in the tested casino is 1 cent
  • The bonus program works on the same principle as in other casinos.
  • Withdrawal of funds is quite simple, both for experienced players and for newcomers in this area.
    Customer service

The casino has the most interesting and courteous support service.Always answer any questions of interest and help quickly solve any problems.Thanks to this, users can be sure to wait for a positive response to the question.

You can also use the online chat to communicate with customers.You can wait for help 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In addition, the casino uses a bonus system, which allows you to increase the number of freespins in the games.

Registration on the site is updated every day.Also, players get a lot of bonuses, which will allow them to get a lot of pleasant moments in the gaming establishment.
By the way, bonuses are awarded not only for the fact that you play, but also for the fact that you go to the section with services and pay for them.
The site has a lot of slot machines, which are different in their features. You can also find a huge number of slot games on the site.


Thus, WAZAMBA CASINO casino is one of the best in the CIS, because even a beginner can quickly understand the interface of the site, and the support service instantly responds to user questions.

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